Newspaper «Amazing China» was created on the initiative of International Non Profit Organization «Cultural Research Center of Ukraine and China «LanHua». The first issue was released on October 10, 2013.                                                                                                      The newspaper comes out twice a month and is distributed throughout Ukraine. “Amazing China” is the only newspaper in Ukraine about the life and culture of the PRC in the Ukrainian language. Readers can find a lot of interesting information about all trends of China’s development, the traditions of the Middle Kingdom, the history of the PRC, the biographies of outstanding people, the latest technological developments, business news and much more in every newspaper publication.                                                                                       Various quizzes are held among readers in each issue of the newspaper, and there are  prizes — valuable gifts and authentic souvenirs.                                                                                                 “We hope that this newspaper will become a platform for development of fruitful cooperation between Ukrainian and Chinese business, and will also be an interesting publication for anyone interested in the Chinese culture,” Yuriy Kotyk, the head of the «LanHua» NPO, said (link).