Our organization deals with the joint historical and cultural research between Ukraine and China. We promote Ukrainian art and culture on the territory of China, present and introduce Chinese traditions to the Ukrainian nation.

Despite the external dissimilarity of our civilizations, we have a lot in common in culture, history and philosophy since the beginning of time and to the time of Christianity and even in the Middle Ages.

Why should we be friends with China?

— China does not claim to our history.

— China and Ukraine do not have shared borders and territorial claims against each other.

— There were no wars or any other military conflicts between Ukraine and China.

— Both China and Ukraine have the oldest history in the world.

— The philosophical doctrines of ancient Ukrainians and Chinese are very similar.

Unfortunately, mass media nowadays have falsified the opinion of Ukrainians about China. Therefore, one of the tasks of our organization is to form a positive image of the People’s Republic of China in Ukraine.