Our main objective is the provision of legal services and advice on starting and running a business by legal entities and private individuals on the territory of Ukraine and China.

We provide legal aid in the form of judicial and non-judicial protection and representation in civil, labor, family and administrative law.

We also provide the following services:

  • Starting a business
  • Starting a firm
  • Firm registration
  • Firm foundation
  • Enterprise establishment
  • Ready-made business in Ukraine/China (legal support)
  • Legal support in buying/selling real estate in Ukraine/China

In the field of criminal law, we conduct cases of all types of crimes at all stages of the criminal process, both at the stages of inquiry and pre-trial investigation and in the judicial bodies.

In the field of economics, we provide legal services as well as support for registration and establishment of representative offices of companies, Joint Ventures, reorganization and liquidation of legal entities, direct investments and all other types of transactions in Ukraine and China.

For legal services, please contact us.