Kyiv Pechersk Lavra, Kyiv

Kyiv Pechersk Lavra was founded nearly a thousand years ago. Thousands of people come here to pray and look at this amazing masterpiece of art.


Kyiv Pechersk Lavra consists of caves and aboveground part of the monastery. There is the largest number of buried saints in the world in the caves of the Lavra — 119. There is also buried the one who began writing the history of the Slavic people — Nestor the Chronicler.

The architecture of the aboveground part of the Lavra is really amazing. The Great Lavra Belltower is the highest building. Its height is approximately 300 meters and we have to overcome 400 steps to get almost to the top.

Saint Sophia’s Cathedral, Kyiv

Saint Sophia’s Cathedral is Christian Cathedral in the center of Kyiv, a monument of Ukrainian architecture and monumental painting of the 11th-18th centuries, one of the few survived buildings of the times of Kyivan Rus’. The cathedral was laid by Prince Yaroslav the Wise at the place of the victorious battle of Kyivans with the Pechenegs. Many-domed Saint Sophia’s Cathedral greets every traveler no matter through which gate they enter.


At first the mosaics of Saint Sophia’s Cathedral occupied a large area — six hundred and forty square meters and only two hundred and sixty square meters have remained. It is the largest monument of mosaic painting that has come to us in its original beauty.

Saint Sophia’s fresco paintings are in worse condition than mosaics. Many restorations have caused irreparable harm to them.

Andrew’s Descent, Kyiv

It is one of the oldest streets. At the time of principality, it was the shortest passageway from the historic Old or Upper Town, where noblemen lived, to Podil, inhabited by craftspeople and merchants. Nevertheless, the street began to look like today in late nineteenth century – with cozy houses, stone-block pavement and a lot of stairs. At that time a lot of prominent people lived there — writer Mikhail Bulgakov, artist Alexander Murashko, doctor Theophil Yanovsky and others. Today there are a lot of museums, art galleries, artist’s studios and souvenir shops on Andrew’s Descent.

The Golden Gate, Kyiv

The Golden Gate was the main entrance to Kyiv. The city of the prince of Kyiv Yaroslav the Wise was surrounded by high earthen ramparts of a total length of 3.5 kilometers. They were situated along the current streets of the central part of Kyiv – from Lvivska Square (where Lviv gates were located) along the Yaroslaviv Val Street to the Golden Gates, descended to the Independence Square (where Lach Gates were located) and again went up to Mikhaylivska Square.



Lviv is the largest city in Western Ukraine, which was the scientific, cultural and national center of the region for a long period of history.

The city was named by the king in honor of his son Leo. It was an important fortress on the Volyn’ route which connected the Black Sea with the Baltic sea and passed through such Galicia–Volhynia cities as Halych, Lviv and Kholm.


The historic center of Lviv, or the Old Town – historically the first district of Lviv, where the city was founded; political, economic and cultural center of Lviv. The oldest part of the Old Town is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Rynok Square is the central square in Lviv, historical heart of the city.

The square originated in the 14th century as a result of the regular planning of building on the pattern of medieval West European cities, as the center of commercial and social life of the city. There are two mutually perpendicular streets from each corner of the square which end near the city fortifications that girded the medieval city. The best architects were engaged in the architecture of buildings – P. Krasovsky, M. Hradovsky, P. Barbon, P. Rymlianyn, B. Meretin, S. Fesinger and others. The buildings were built by order of the rich nobility and wealthy merchants, as central areas of the square were very expensive.


Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, one of the oldest European higher educational institutions, has been developing its history for the fourth century. Epochs and and political status of Galicia were changing, but the University always remained an active center of science, culture and spirituality.

The Solomiya Krushelnytska Lviv State Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet is a real piece of art of the neo-Renaissance style which became a pearl of not only Lviv but also of the whole of Europe. World-famous performers appeared on the stage of the Lviv Opera: Olexandr Bandrovsky, Helena Rushkovska-Zboinska, Yan Kepura, Yanina Korolevych-Vaydova, Gemma Bellinchioni, Mattia Battistini, Ada Sari and others. The brightest page in the history of the theater was written by the Ukrainian singers O. Liubych-Parakhoniak, O. Rusnak, E. Hushalevych, A. Nosalevych, A. Didur, A. Myshuha, M. Mentsynsky, S. Krushelnytska and others whose art has become national pride of people and got world-wide recognition.


Lychakiv Cemetery, one of the oldest cemeteries in Europe, is a museum of fame, beauty, eternity and art. It is the burial place of many world-famous personalities of Ukraine, Poland, Austria, Germany… Famous Ukrainians such as Ivan Franko, Solomiya Krushelnytska and Volodymyr Ivasyuk are buried on the Lychakiv cemetery as well as a prominent Polish writer Maria Konopnitska. Inimitative sculptural monuments of famous masters and mystically unique atmosphere will leave a lasting impression.

The Potocki Palace is a bright example of palatial architecture of the mature historicism, one of the most interesting architectural landmarks of Lviv and Ukraine. The building is executed in style of French classicism. Facade of a building is decorated with window framings, molded console brackets of balconies and balustrades. The front entrance is decorated with an arched portico with stucco and ionic columns. Stucco decoration is made by Petro Herasymovych and, probably, Leonard Marconi.


Sofiyivka Park

“Sofiyivka” National Dendrological Park of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine is one of the most prominent works of world gardening art of the late 17th – first half of the 19th centuries. The park was created by the former owner of the city of Uman Stanislav Pototsky (1752-1805) as a gift to his beautiful Greek wife Sofiya Witt-Pototska (1760-1822). The author of the topographical and architectural project was Polish military engineer Ludwig Mettsel.


Kamianets-Podilskyi Castle

The castle in Kamianets-Podilskyi was mentioned at the first time in a written document by Prince Yuriy Koriatovych (one of the four Koriatovichy brothers who owned Podillia) in 1374. At that time, the towers and walls were already stone and partially wooden. The castle was located at the entrance to the city and was its reliable protection (the city was located in the meander of the Smotrych River). During the rule of Koriatovichy the city became the capital of the province, and the castle was its point of strategy and defense.



Carpathians is a picturesque corner of fabulous green forests, snow-covered mountain slopes, amazingly fresh air, clear lakes and fast-flowing mountain rivers in Western Ukraine. Holidays in the Carpathians are great any time of year. In winter and summer, this place gives its guests very beautiful softwood and beechwood forests, meadows, snow tops which make an unforgettable impression.


Synevyr Lake is the pride and beauty of Carpathians. The lake is located in one of the picturesque corners of Zakarpattia in Mizhhiria Raion where high mountains alternate with deep cliffs, fast-flowing rivers, streams and waterfalls.


It’s worth coming to the Southern coast of Crimea to rest by the sea. This is a stripe between the Crimean mountains and the Black Sea with a special microclimate. At the end of the 19th century Russian tsars and noblemen began to build here their summer residences. Since then, Crimea has gained the reputation of the resort area.

There are a lot of people who think that the main thing here is not the sea. There are mountains and caves for the fans of thrill. There are old parks and reserves for those who like outdoor activities. Historians claim that Crimea is a chronicle of the human history. Whatever holiday you choose, we are sure that you will have new discoveries and pleasant memories.



Modern Odessa is the largest sea port in Ukraine located on the shores of the Black Sea. The city is an important historical, cultural and industrial center of the country. Mild climate, magnificent sandy beaches and historical and architectural appearance have created a unique image of Odessa which is rightly called the southern pearl by the sea.


Ukraine is rich in other interesting touristy places: Vorontsov Palace (Alupka, Crimea), castles of Lviv region, ruins of the ancient Chersonese and many others.