«LanHua» sets the goal to facilitate cooperation and interaction in different spheres between the Ukrainian and Chinese nations and organize the exchange of experience between them with the help of joint activities and research.

The main areas of activity:

— joint research and mutual popularization of the history of the Ukrainian and Chinese nations;

— studying the cultural heritage of Ukraine and China, facilitating its revival, support for folk art and using national traditions in the development of art and culture, preservation of historical and cultural heritage;

— carrying out joint activities in the spheres of science, education, art, cinema, physical training and sport between Ukraine and China;

— promotion of tourism development between Ukraine and China;

— exchange of information, experience and specialists, carrying out joint research and activities in the sphere of archeology: conferences, research and practice seminars, exhibitions of collections on the territory of both countries;

— conducting joint cultural, educational and scientific activities between Ukraine and China — from art contests, auctions, literary evenings to festivals and concerts;

— preparation of books and articles, creation of audiovisual products in order to popularize the achievements of Ukrainian and Chinese art and culture;

— promotion of the strengthening of mutual understanding and cooperation between Ukraine and the People’s Republic of China.